Chicken Kebab $8.00 Shish Kebab $8.00 Shawerma $8.00 Lule Kebab $7.50 Falafel $6.50 Hummos $6.50 Shawerma French Roll $8.50 Lebni $6.50 Chicken with garlic sauce $7.50 Lamb Tongue $8.50 Soujouk Armenian sausage $7.50 Ham And Cheese $7.50 Melted Swiss Cheese $7.00 DRINKS
Falafel $9.00 ground and seasoned fava and garbanzo beans served with fresh lettuce, tomato and pickled turnip a delicious vegan plate Chicken Kebab $12.00 two skewers of seasoned chicken served with rice, hummus and toppings Kebab Combo $15.00 choice of beef, chicken and lule 2 Skewers $13.00 Shish Kebab $12.00 two skewers of seasoned and marinated beef served with rice, hummus, and toppings Arax Combo $12.00 the perfect mix of shawerma and falafel served with lettuce, tomato and shredded onion Lule Kebab $12.00 3 skewers of seasoned ground beef served with rice, hummus, and toppings Shawerma Shawerma $12.00 Shaved slices of spit fired juicy beef served with tahini, fresh lettuce and tomato, and topped with onion.
Falafel by Piece $0.70 Grape Leaves $7.50 Green Salad $6.00 Hummus $6.00 Rice $4.00 Coke Pepsi | Diet Pepsi 7Up Perrier Snapple Bottled Water

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